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Welcome to Our
New Clinic!

Our physiotherapy clinic is nestled in the beautiful town of Golden, British Columbia, surrounded by mountains and glaciers, and neighbour to Glacier National Park. We will help you reach your rehab goals using a fully equipped gym and latest industry equipment, including ultrasound, neuromuscular-electrical stimulation, needling and rehab tools.

Glacie Physiolab Clinic in Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Exercise Therapy
Glacier Physiolab Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Manual Therapy
Glacie Physiolab Clinic in Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Treatment Room
Glacier Physiolab Pelvic Floor Treatment


We are dedicated to transforming lives by unlocking human potential through movement and promoting vitality for all.



Offering outstanding specialized evidenced based physiotherapy care to help patients pursue their passions. 



  • We provide a secure healing environment, recognizing that happy patients heal faster

  • We are curious and continually learn with post graduate training and recent researches

  • We set clear goals and advocate for patients by collaborating with the medical team

  • We providing the highest standard of care through comprehensive treatments



  • We inspire patients to attain optimal health so they can live out their passions. 

  • We inspire each other within our team to reach our own potential

  • We create patient toolboxes for injury prevention and independence in treatment 

  • We participate in the community through sponsorships, workshops and education.



  • We listen; providing the patient the space to express themself

  • We foster patient-centered care during one-on-one appointments

  • We consider each patients unique capacity and collaborate on a tailored plan 

  • We understand the healing journey, we have been patients ourselves



  • We use motion as medicine, an important key to our well-being

  • We embrace mountains as our playground

  • We love the outdoors and the environment we live in

  • We prioritize work-life balance

You Gotta Nourish to Flourish

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