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Welcome to Our
New Clinic!

Our physiotherapy clinic is nestled in the beautiful town of Golden, British Columbia, surrounded by mountains and glaciers, and neighbour to Glacier National Park. We will help you reach your rehab goals using a fully equipped gym and latest industry equipment, including ultrasound, neuromuscular-electrical stimulation, needling and rehab tools.

Glacie Physiolab Clinic in Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Exercise Therapy
Glacier Physiolab Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Manual Therapy
Glacie Physiolab Clinic in Golden BC
Glacier Physiolab Treatment Room
Glacier Physiolab Pelvic Floor Treatment

Our Mission 

What we love most is getting you back to what you love most. You will receive services de haute qualite, backed by science to keep you moving and doing what you love. 


We serve the Golden community and surrounding areas with outstanding orthopedic care, leading you to get back to your passion as quickly as possible. The treatments we provide not only help with relief but aim to enhance your full potential with preventative care. Our mission is to motivate you, support you, and design customized treatment plans that fit your goals. You will be fully involved, as science shows that expectations drive outcome.

Our Values


We provide support that enables you to make the most out of your everyday lifestyle. We strive to inspire you with endless possibilities for your health by helping you feel good and fulfilled by your passions. We also strive to be a transformational partner in our community.



You will be heard, understood and cared for as a whole being during your one-on-one sessions. Our physiotherapists will be fully dedicated to you during your appointment. We will address your concerns with a patient-centered care model in a positive atmosphere with deep respect.  


We are 100% committed to providing the highest standard of care for our patients. We value constant and never-ending improvement and scientific evidence-based treatment. We will always continue learning with post graduate training.

You Gotta Nourish to Flourish

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