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Physiotherapy sessions are one-on-one. Bookings are direct access (no prescription needed) with direct billing to most insurance providers.  

ultrasound and neuro electrical muscular stimulation at Glacier PhysioLab clinic in Golden, BC
  • Electrotherapy can be used from time to time in the right situation. Depending on your case, we will discuss the benefits and decide on the treatment together. The clinic is equipped with ultrasound and neuro electrical muscular stimulation (NEMS) devices. 

  • Ultrasound therapy: Studies show ultrasound therapy can speed the healing and quality of repair of injured tissue. Deep mechanical vibration and local heating of tissue (muscles, tendons, joint, ligaments) can help with swelling and breaking down scar tissue. 

  • NEMS therapy: The use of electrical impulses makes your muscles contract and can relieve pain. It helps prevent muscle atrophy by stimulating the nerves in the muscle and retrain communication between the brain, nerve and muscles to function normally again.

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