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Glacier Physiolab

The dynamic Glacier Physiolab Team is ready to help restore your health and fitness. Our talented crew is experienced in every aspect of the healing arts, including physical therapy, acupuncture, surgery rehab, athletic performance, and more. Contact us today and let's get you feeling your best.

Learn more about our amazing team below.

Marie-Michelle Lafontaine, B.Sc.

Owner and Lead Physiotherapist

Marie-Michelle has been a physio for over a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from University Laval in Quebec. Marie-Michelle first became a physio because movement, anatomy and sport performance were her passions. As a recreational athlete with a track and field competitive background, she transitioned into outdoor adventures and moved to the mountains. From cross country skiing in Quebec to a 10-day alpine ski traverse in the Bugaboos, road biking across Canada to mountain biking the Golden 24, and road running the Montreal marathon to trail running the Skyline in Jasper, she truly understands the importance of movement in your life.

Post graduate training

  • Kinetic Link Training, May 2021

  • Level 1 Bike fitting, BikeFitCanada, North Vancouver, March 2021.

  • Level 1 Running injury prevention,  Running Clinic, Golden, September 2020.

  • Hand Therapy, American Hand Society, University of California, February 2020.

  • Gearing Up, Biking injuries, Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, Vancouver, March 2019 

  • Lumbo Pelvic Translation Control, Sean Gibbons, Calgary, March 2018

  • Level 1 and 2 of dry needling qualification with Kinetacore, Calgary and Ottawa, 2016.

  • Temporo mandibular joint disorder, Montreal, 2014.

Sarah Jury


Sarah spent the first 10 years of her career working at Caleo Health and Spine, one of the best multidisciplinary pain clinics in the country. During this time she worked directly with a team of spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurologists and family physicians. She has also volunteered as a physiotherapist at hospitals in Haiti and Nepal.

Sarah has experience treating a wide-range of acute and chronic spinal conditions, as well as general orthopedic conditions, pelvic floor conditions, and chronic pain. She has additional training in acupuncture, spinal manipulations, the McKenzie method, and internal pelvic floor assessment and treatment. Her strengths are assessing and diagnosing conditions and creating comprehensive treatment plans that fits into every lifestyle. 

Sarah believes the foundations of physiotherapy are hands-on assessment and treatment, personal connection, efficient exercise programs, and individualized goal setting. Her favorite part of working as a physiotherapist is getting to know her patients and seeing them get back to doing what they love. As an active biker, climber, runner, snowboarder and hiker she appreciates how pain can impact not only your lifestyle but also your mental well-being.

Isabelle Chaumont


Her passion for physical activities and the human body motivated Isabelle to undertake her studies in kinesiology, massage therapy and then her master's degree in physiotherapy. She has since worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and her interests lie in sports rehabilitation, spine pathologies and education.


For Isabelle, physiotherapy is a bit like placing together the pieces of a puzzle. Her goal is to consider all the symptoms, the condition, along with the patient objectives to develop and adapt a personalized treatment plan.

The profession of physical therapist also represents an opportunity to be proactive by educating the public and giving them the tools to prevent injuries and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It is also a great motivator to challenge herself on bike trails, on ski slopes and running tracks, while maintaining a balance in her own life.


Post graduate training

  • Bike PT bronze level. Montréal, August 2021

  • Bike Fitting introduction course. Montreal, June 2021

  • Lower quadrant 3 - AQPMA. Montreal, Winter 2021

  • Chronic pain assessment and management. University of Sherbrooke,
    Winter 2019 to Fall 2019

  • Lower Quadrant 2 – AQPMA. Montreal, Fall 2019

  • Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy Part B: The Cervical & Thoracic Spine.
    Ottawa. February 2019

  • Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy Part A: The Lumbar Spine. Ottawa. June

Kristie Norquay

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Certified Yoga Therapist

Kristie's extensive training in Physiotherapy & Yoga have helped build a bridge between conventional western health care and a more holistic and all-inclusive healing approach. Her goal is to help people heal, strengthen, and better understand their bodies in a whole new way so they can flourish in life. She has a passion for integrating the philosophy of yoga into her physiotherapy practice, looking at injuries or illnesses in the context of an individual’s life, and building awareness of the body-mind connection.

Kristie recently moved to Calgary, but loves the mountains and has been living and working in Golden, BC for the past 10 years. She visits occasionally to see her patients, catch up with friends, and enjoy all the mountains have to offer.


Post graduate training

  • Certification in therapeutic yoga

  • Certification in pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Variety of courses on movement system impairments

  • Yoga biomechanics

  • Breath and pain science 

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